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a beautiful girlfriend who everyone should love like i do.
where's jaylynn?
by jaylynn's boyfriend October 22, 2011
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A beautiful and artistic brown eyed girl. She loves art and is very intelligent. Quick witted and can make people laugh. She is loving but sometimes loves too much and is hurt, she makes a great girlfriend, friend and family member. You would be lucky to have a Jaylynn in your life.
by Sammiklowilly June 25, 2013
a beastly ninja.
Mike: "hey its jaylynn"
Amy: "Isnt (s)he beastly"
by 625175171 March 25, 2009
A brown eyed, shy, funny, and sweet girl. She is the most beautiful girl in the world but she thinks the total opposite. All the guys fall for her but she doesn't see why. She's got the perfect body and a nice booty.She is a very talented girl and is almost good at everything she does. No one can be better than her , you would be lucky to have a Jaylynn in your life.
"Wow who's that hot girl?"
"Oh that's Jaylynn"
by Chocolateloverrr69 February 06, 2015

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