something unwanted that happens. a problem that one may encounter. a loss or misfortune.
also someone that is a "cockblock"
JAXON! i jus lost all my tree.
i got jaxoned last nite and couldn't get any ass.

by zilliano July 18, 2008
Top Definition
a sweet, amazing person. very smart and funny :-)
jaxon is so cool
by anonymussssssssssssssss February 20, 2010
Great person to meet. Has a smile that will light up a room. Loves woman and draws them like flies.

English meaning: God has been Gracious.

very proud man, knows who he is and where he is going
Walks into a room confident. Everyone pays attention to Jaxon when he speaks.
by Redilicious August 03, 2011
A word for someone who is full of sh*t. Such as if some one lies a lot then they would be called jaxon
Person 1- I got hit by a car
Person 2 whatever jaxon
by lukejawalker March 27, 2014
A cool chicky who is everything a guy could ever wish for and then some. Also someone who is a great friend and always there in a time of need.
"Wow, I can't believe you broke up with the Jaxon, she was the best thing ever"

Or "You're always there for me, you such a Jaxon"
by Jackie December 30, 2003
Jaxon aka Jackson aka Bogan aka Saxon aka Richmond aka Schofields is a term used to describe someone who reckons they are top shit because they wear black leather jackets and live with their girlfriends. Jaxons are normally outsiders and can often be seen hanging out with Henrys at Hungry Jack's. Jaxons are usually identified by their geographical location (always deriving from the far west), by their mannerisms (anything that looks extremely overaccentuated or homosexual) or finally, through their use of language (Jaxons tend to use the words 'ultimate' to describe anything which is good, 'best thing' to describe anything that is remotely good, or 'MAN!! TANKED!!' or in other words 'BEATEN'). It should also be noted that all Jaxons indulge in incest and baby eating.
'OMFG! that guy is eating a baby!!!' 'Relax, its only Jaxon'
'OMFG! that guy is his father and his brother!' 'Relax, its only Jaxon'
'OMFG, THAT IS FUCKING ULTIMATE!' 'use jaxons terminology once more and god help me i will murder you and your family'
by jaxon belcastro December 07, 2007
Flamboyant, homosexual, gay, fag. Pertaining to enjoying butt of the same sex. On some occasions can be seen in the corner of a basement room videotaping on his cellular device a hispanic boy plunging his genitalia into an overweight white girls throat. It is only a Jaxon though if the girl then gets on top and bleeds on the hispanic boys chest and then asks him what his name is. His name is almost always Efrain.
Wow he is such a Jaxon for being gay and videotaping that hispanic boy face bang that ugly white girl.
by BIG 80085 March 09, 2010

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