A badass German phrase popularly used in a military context. It losely translates to 'Yes Indeed' or 'Yes Sir'
Ja wohl, mein Führer = Yes indeed, my Leader
by Teal'c the Jaffa November 19, 2010
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Meaning: Affirmative, Yes. Used as: A response to an order. From: It is a German word.
Jawohl, mein Kommandant
by Joshua S. January 18, 2004
German, military:

The only (correct) answer to any (reasonable) order given by a superior rank (or any other rank in a temporary position of authority), usually followed by a swift execution of said order.

Also more often than not followed by some form of swearing/bitching directed against the superior, when out of his/her hearing range (mostly done by conscripts in the first half of their 9-month military service or senior enlistees who consider the ordered task a nuisance and/or beneath them).

Uffz Schmidt: "Müller! Tun Sie dies und das! Bewegung!"

G Müller: "Jawohl, Herr Unteroffizier!"

(ein paar Sekunden später und einige Meter weiter)

G Müller: "...tun Sie dies und das! Fick dich doch du blödes Arschloch!"


Sgt. Schmidt: "Müller! Do this and that! Move your ass!"

Pvt. Müller: "Yes, Sergeant!"

(a few seconds later and several meters farther)

Pvt. Müller: "...do this and that! Go fuck yourself you stupid asshole!"
by OG a.D. March 16, 2009
German. Meaning: Yes sir! Normally used following an order and tends to preceed a large bout of gun fire and and some dead POWs and/or extensive escape attempts.
Jawohl! Herr Kaleun!

*Bang bang bang*
*Over the top death acting*
by An Awesome Biscuit November 18, 2009
A sarcastic affirmative response to an overly strict or domineering person. The German military root of the word implies a reference to Hitler, as his officers would have given the same emphatic response to his orders.
"Bart, I told you to stop whistling that annoying tune!"
"Jawohl, mein mammedant!"
by Der Schnerddenfaust December 22, 2009
It's a phrase that turns most Germans horny.
Gretel: Ohhh Hansel, your boots are so shiny! would you like to touch my pflepushdieshundtdlahisbergerhan?
Hansel: I am titilated, I will touch, jawohl!

Gretel: I am in liebe.
by mr. steiner October 04, 2010
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