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something cool or awesome that makes your jaw drop. It is widely used for cars and women.
you see a boss whip and you say "JAWLS!!!!"
or you see a hot girly and you say "Oh jawls!!"
#jawlsin #jawlz #chawlz #sick #cool
by Christ of the streets June 11, 2010
1 Word related to jawls
The face one makes when trying to contain a smile, like when chatting on MSN while at work.
I can't stop jawling!

I keep jawling

I can feel I've been jawling for a while

It is making me jawl
#smile #grimace #sneer #laugh #grin
by DoYouKnowOlivier August 30, 2007
When your lower jaw gives your face a nice peanut shape.
Shit son, some jawls ya got there.

Sometimes plastic surgery is a good thing.
#jaw #deformed face #courtney smith #face #celebrities
by Snapple Fish February 22, 2011
Jumping around whilst laughing
Jacob says:
How funny was that.
Nathan says:
I know Jawl!
#jawl #lol #funny #lmao #roflmao
by Nathan John Richard Lothian January 10, 2008
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