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The face one makes when trying to contain a smile, like when chatting on MSN while at work.
I can't stop jawling!

I keep jawling

I can feel I've been jawling for a while

It is making me jawl
#smile #grimace #sneer #laugh #grin
by DoYouKnowOlivier August 30, 2007
Dutch for an ugly woman or girl. (most frequently used in the north of Belgian Limburg)
- Wat vind je van dat meisje?
° Ik vind het maar een lelijke dazel.

- What do you think of that girl?
° I think she's an ugly dazel.
#ugly woman #ugly girl #ugly #ug #draak #lelijk #ugly chick
by DoYouKnowOlivier August 02, 2007
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