1.) A person who has taking a liking towards men, bananas, and cockroaches. Tends to linger near people and cause either lots of humiliation and is a nuisance.
Billy: "wats up John"
john: "nuthin much, i went to the club and saw javone again following another girl.
billy: was he eating cockroaches again?
john: yup
by firemahlazer July 15, 2010
Top Definition
a self centered, self worshiping, stubborn, independent, communicably inapt bastard who believes he gets less than he deserves. Hes a womanizer he'll use you for sex. BUT he has a big dick.
friend: so are you and javone a couple or what?

you: no, can't get over him cause he just keeps fucking me. Hard.
by jamakemeyobean April 28, 2011
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