Jatt in english means a bully. He is also a person who prefers to have sex with farm animals.
Guy1 : Who is that ass crack humping a farm sheep??
Guy2 : off course a jatt!!
by tramp120 April 04, 2010
A Jatt is , simply put, a punjabi Farmer. Punjab is unique for it's agriculture and Sikhs were well known for their farming abilities. Technically, a 'Jatt' is a farmer but these days moronic ricky-martin wannabe faggot dippers have defined it as some kind of "elite" indian class to give them a false sense of pride and superiority when they have 3 inch erections by looking at white women and instant ejaculations by touching them in any way (bumped into, pushed, slapped, peed on etc)

These peculier breed of demented homosexuals also go around asking each other if they are "jatt" (a title you inheret if your parents are "jatts") So no motherfuckers, my father is not a farmer, but you just keep doggystyling those chickens.
"ooh my gooooddd jaar i is habing the master ERECTION of my minijatt!"

"I bish I waj di jatt so peepul budent take a tati on me"

by EpC 2 February 05, 2005
Leaders of Punjab Attractive to women have large pennis
Man i wish my father was jatt so i could have smething in life going for me
by HARBIR June 17, 2004
Refers to an Indian who comes out of a closet
Also some one who likes bestiality, Jatts love to take it up from behind by lion
Perez Hilton is a Jatt
by Zob79 March 28, 2008
Pathetic guys who want to act like thugs!
Punjabi boys who can’t respect themselves, can’t respect their elders, can’t read a word of Punjabi (their own language), can’t name all their 10 gurus, can’t tell the difference between civil and animals consider themselves “thugs” : lets go kick some ass> most likely is what you here from their mouths.

A Punjabi guy who is all about his family and roots and religion, won’t call himself a Jatt. BECAUSE: in our religion there is NO caste system. Why do we have “Kaur” and “Singh” written in our name: is to eliminate the caste system!

jatts: panchod Fudi...etc
Punjabi: My sister is my pride...not to use it to curse at someone.
by Indian Punjabi girl April 13, 2007
jatt is actually spelt jat and jats are the decendents of indo-aryans and not the invading indo aryans which is a biased created by imperialists but the original aryan group which the nazis wished they were but are not and will never be!
if you look at full blood jatt not wannabess that changed their name you see the light skin
punjabi jatts the true aryan race
by yung turk September 10, 2006
A clever and shrewd person who drinks liquor and thugs in India.
"Durrrrrrrra! jatt kadd doo tere vatt!"
by puttMohaliDa January 27, 2004

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