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When someone you know, usually a guy named joey, smells like ass. otherwise known as Joey Ass Syndrome.
Dude your car smells like JAS
by a sensitive nose October 20, 2005
A unit of measurement equivalent to 10 SAE inches.
Dude I measured my cock today... im pushing about .6 Jas's

Nice man, thats pretty impressive.

I know.. I wish I could be a FULL jas though...

There only one known case of a dick thats a full Jas in length. Dont feel bad.
by windab August 13, 2009
A polish way to say John, but also much more than that.

Jas is a spiritual entity, a way of life, and a filler word that can be used in place of anything.

Another way to say intoxicated.
"Whats up Jas?"

"Can you pass the Jas, please?" "Wow he's acting so Jas today"

"Man I got so Jased last night it was crazy!"
by JasJasJasPedal April 10, 2014
A group of girls shot tall curly and straight haired girls.Better watch out they be vicious badass bitches rated XXX.
"WOW.....Theres J.A.S.S Hide your boyfriends."
by J.A.S.S October 23, 2008
Just a Second (Usually used in messenger convos!)
Fig 1: Hey do you have a pic of you GF
Fig 2: yeh jas ill find it
by Mattio August 11, 2005
Acronym for Just a Second. Used to replace the implied longer wait of brb (Be Right Back)
40yr-old-virgin: Are you gonna send that sexy picture of yourself to me!?!?
hot_blonde_43: Yeah of course, jas...jas...
by Anonymous999 August 23, 2006
A word from the place Järna in Sweden for "Yes"
"Can you give me a cig?"
by Afrobear February 18, 2009