A unit of measurement equivalent to 10 SAE inches.
Dude I measured my cock today... im pushing about .6 Jas's

Nice man, thats pretty impressive.

I know.. I wish I could be a FULL jas though...

There only one known case of a dick thats a full Jas in length. Dont feel bad.
by windab August 13, 2009
When someone you know, usually a guy named joey, smells like ass. otherwise known as Joey Ass Syndrome.
Dude your car smells like JAS
by a sensitive nose October 20, 2005
Just a Second (Usually used in messenger convos!)
Fig 1: Hey do you have a pic of you GF
Fig 2: yeh jas ill find it
by Mattio August 11, 2005
A girl who is going through a lot mentally but still wears a smile which brightens up everyone elses day. She is beautiful inside and out, but does not know this. She worries a lot but she still pulls through everyday. She is strong and brave. Loads admire her.
Person: Jas you're beautiful
Jas: (thinks: I am not) - thank you.
by its.thatgirl April 11, 2015
Great, Awesome, amazing. Very good. An adjective used to describe something good or great
That was a JAS party past night
by Jerome Romaxxx248 January 08, 2015
a usually nice guy, normally half indian and mexican. they can make you laugh, and have crazy mood swings worse then a pregnant lady but tolerable.
"your a nice person, you remind me of jas."
by kristineeeeeeee<333 January 07, 2010
Acronym for Just a Second. Used to replace the implied longer wait of brb (Be Right Back)
40yr-old-virgin: Are you gonna send that sexy picture of yourself to me!?!?
hot_blonde_43: Yeah of course, jas...jas...
by Anonymous999 August 23, 2006

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