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a girl whom is very hot.allows guys to drop at her feet.People with this name may attract opposite sex and be very good looking
if you are in present of this person you should be thankful
Jaryn is amazing.End of story
by michelle karaoke March 14, 2009
a jaryn is a very sexy girl.
a jaryn has large breasts.
a jaryn lights up a room with her personality,charm,and looks.
a jaryn makes men drool.
a jaryn is funny, smart, and kind.
a jaryn poses for playboy.
a jaryn is intoxicating and irresistible.
the best jaryns reside in bergen county,nj.
if you ever run across a jaryn consider yourself extremely lucky.
Wow do you see that girl?! She's incredible! She must me a Jaryn.
by scott lyonz April 08, 2009
The combination of the names Daryn and Jayme. This name is known worldwide, and has two of the best names ever in it.
"Hey I'm Daryn."
"I'm Jayme."
"We're fucking awesome, let's name our kid Jaryn."
by DS The Best May 07, 2009
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