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A fusion of the body and soul of the parties concerned. Usually occurs between people who live on the same floor and results in mutual annoyance of their roommates.
"Hey have you seen Caroline?"

"Don't you mean Jaroline?"
by Carmen December 15, 2004
The covalent bond of relationships resulting in two previously uninterested parties becoming suddenly and completely infatuated with each other for no apparant reason.

Much to the dismay of the involved parties roommates.
Q: Why is Pryesh/Danielle sleeping in the lounge?

A: He/She has been sexiled by Jaroline.
by Baseema February 01, 2005
The literal physical fusion of two entities, particularly one that results in constant annoyance to any party in close proximity.
Were all gonna go to mexican town-
Can "we" come with you guys?"
by beebo April 17, 2005
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