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(White) People who want to be japanese. Synonym for Wapanese and japfaq.
You japfag get out of here with your cosplay
by aaaaaaaaasd September 25, 2005
someone who is obsessed with japanese culture
someone who trys to be japanese by learning certain parts of the language
namely Swearing or chat up lines or saying words in japanese heard from films.=Lame
obssessed wiv young japanese schoolgirls 2

generally someone being something they admire or are well to attached to"jap fag" japanese cultural bummer
by BennyBunny August 17, 2006
A collection of Japanese "men" whose excessive swagger while wearing tight, form-fitting, shiny spandex belies their true hearts. This activity is typically performed in groups of five, with at least one "token girl" involved so the guys don't feel quite so gay.
All 38 seasons of Super Sentai were filled with japfags.
by BadPae August 10, 2014
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