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An image of panties worn by a japanese female. These types of images are taken for the entertainment of gentlemen. The images are often but not exclusively:

- taken without the knowledge of the panty-wearer
- depicting a schoolgirl
- of the upskirt variety
- of panties white or cream in colour
I say, what a delicious japanty! Look at her pretty young face, and the detail captured in her gusset!
by japanty July 26, 2006
when a girl has her period in her panties, thus making it look like the flag of japan.
i didn't have any extra tampons so by the end of the night i was totaly wearing some japanties!
by monster429 November 27, 2010
Panties from japan.
See Japanish.
Real players wear japanties.
by xvi March 31, 2004