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One who invokes the ultimate feeling of pleasure or excellence.

Janoah has the ability to provide guilt free feelings of pleasure even though the pleasure sought may be worthy of guilt...without using medication.
This is so much easier/better with Janoah.
It is not the same without Janoah.
by Valcoroth February 27, 2010
A "Janoah" is a strong guy with a kind heart. He is typically dependable and a good protector. The typical "Janoah" is also secretly a ladykiller who usually saves his crazy side for the bedroom. A "Janoah" typically looks like a football lineman. Most women agree that "Janoahs" give them amazing children.
Girl 1: "Hey, there goes a Janoah! I hear he's nice but wears you out in the sack!"
Girl 2: "Yeah, I've heard that about him too. I would gladly have his kids and NOT ask for child support."
Girl 1: "Yeah, I heard he has plenty to go around if you know what I mean...."
by DrDogggggg February 27, 2010