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word invented by abshnasko, a synonym for "stuff"
lemme hollar at that jankums yo
by abshnasko April 01, 2005
jankum is when you take a somewhat large crap and put it in a bottle with a balloon on top and after a few days of extreme heat sniff in the gas' that have accumulated in the balloon go into a state of being high
Jim "yo dude i just took in three balloon-fulls of jankum and im so high right know." Kyle "get out of my face thats disgusting bro"
by dangle my eggo January 30, 2009
When someone poops and pees into a jar/cup with a sealed container,lets it sit fir 3 days, then inhales it through their mouth to get high.
He is about to go do jankums.
by Csettles February 20, 2009