a player in a FPS (or any other multiplayer game which involves fast action and guns) who sits back as other players duke it out in a firefight, and makes an appearance after the victor of the duel is left with a little amount of health and kill him/her for an easy kill. Much like a janitor cleans up after a mess.
Dude, its no fun playing Halo with you anymore because all you do is janitor with your assault rifle.
by AltCoder April 30, 2005
To be intoxicated.

Also used as an adj.
I'm so janitored.

we're getting janitored tonight.

Dude, thats janitor as fuck.
by X1 CHIMAIRA 1x April 06, 2004
A hypocrite who is always wrong but never will admit it so he likes to silence anyone's opinions. Also has the ugliest kid I have ever laid eyes on.
Your opinions do not matter because I am JANITOR and what I said goes.
by JimDandy September 21, 2003
When someone (in a first person shooter game) appears at the last second and steals my kill because he somehow put the last bullet into the noob I've been shooting at.
In Halo 2 - when anyone steals your kill right before you were about to put the final bullet in someone's head or heart. Hence the name: Janitor = Anyone who comes in and cleans up the "crap" they never started.
by RAIN January 27, 2005
when you are fucking some brod and then let her head down on the flow and use her hair as a mop.
hence as a janitor mops up the floor!
by cheuwuuw February 21, 2005
a drunk internet team speak server admin who likes to feel important so he bans people and kicks them to make himself feel better because he has a very sad life outside of the internet and has to feel big on teamspeak...i hope they get drunk and get in an accident and Die...
hey speidel..u were making humming noises so im retarded and im going to ban you cause im peipers but buddy
by jok3r April 03, 2005
Stupid son of a bitch
Punk ass Janitor

You cant ban me!
by ???? December 25, 2003

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