When two people are fighting in a FPS or any type of shooting game and a third person comes in to kill that last man standing with low health. (cleans up the mess)
Man that guy is such a janitor for killing me just after i killed you!
by JoshVeino January 31, 2008
A Janitor is the kinda guy who pulls girls so hard, that he practically cleans up all the available girls, leaving none for anyone else.
Wow, look at Dean go. He's The Janitor.
by dspirsoni June 04, 2014
n): A guy that hooks up late in the night at a bar or a party, by 'sweeping up" the leftover drunk chicks. It generally refers to hooking up with riffraff, but can be used as a shrewd tactic if played with the right timing.

v): The act of playing janitor.
"Rick's game aint so good, most of his hookups come from playing janitor"

"Last night Ray totally janitored that hot asian girl from the sorority house down the block."
by overlord19 March 02, 2007
A after sexual intercourse activity - where you nut in a rag - commonly called a "nutrag" but in this situation your using a more custodial or shop rag type towel, after cumming in this towel you then slap it in your partner's face and tell them they've been hit by the "Janitor"
You have been at the club all evening and pick up a pretty descent bimbo for later in the evening festivities. Right after you've "gotten yours" because no one cares about hers, you quickly slap the cum filled "janitor" towel on her face. By accomplishing this you secure a quick and speedy "getaway" while she's in bathroom thinking what an asshole without the, "can I have your number?", "will I see you again soon?" questions.
by Spidy November 13, 2007
1.A Janitor of your neighborhood,city,town,state can refer to a member of your local drug syndicate,or organized crime mob. He is the individual who holds the key's. The "key's" represent "something" such as quantities of various drugs,valuable or rare information, Valuable knowledge such as( geographical,info., personal info., inside info.).

2. The Janitor can also be designated, or named by a group,gang,orginization(faculty) as a whole to be the individual who does "dirty" jobs that no-one else can stomach , or that no-one else necissarily has the expertise or know-how,patience, etc. to complete efficientley.

3. The Janitor , holds the "keys" that can unlock the entire "school", "building", "office", "complex", etc.
The Janitor posesses the keys to life, thus everyone wants to be "friends" or on the good side of the janitor because he can always find you a shortcut, or the quickest route to where you need to go. He has the lay of the land, see's all, hear's all, and can help you out when you need it the most.
by BIG J Reppin 602,480,623 July 17, 2006
To be a hypocritical fascist thug controlling every aspect of his "citizen's" lives and banning those he dislikes for no given reason. An asshole of the highest order and a really boring idiot in terms of discussion.
"Saddam Hussein is such a big Janitor."
by Ponce DeLeon February 18, 2003
a creepy person at your school that cleans up after you. In reality, he is pedophile. After school, he fellates children in the bathroom, hardcore. He also makes out with other janitors and masturbates with children.
Kid 1: We gotta get out of here before the doors of the school close.

Kid 2: Yeah! The janitor's a real pedo!
by neversaymyname May 13, 2011

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