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The state of being both hideously unattractive, and socially awkward. One who is struggly would have to seriously struggle to fit in to a 'normal' social situation.
"dude, that chick was so struggly that even a hobo would turn down her company...."
by overlord19 March 02, 2007
n): A guy that hooks up late in the night at a bar or a party, by 'sweeping up" the leftover drunk chicks. It generally refers to hooking up with riffraff, but can be used as a shrewd tactic if played with the right timing.

v): The act of playing janitor.
"Rick's game aint so good, most of his hookups come from playing janitor"

"Last night Ray totally janitored that hot asian girl from the sorority house down the block."
by overlord19 March 02, 2007

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