A severe mistake or misjudgement
that right turn was a jangle
by Ryan Mones October 25, 2004
An act of jangling.
"Jake, that's such a jangle."
by IRAQ August 13, 2005
an unidentified or hypothetical group of people known for wrong-doing or otherwise jank behavior.
that tube top and ripped peasant skirt is pure fug jangle.
by linac June 22, 2005
(v.) to fail miserably, to be prone to suckiness, to commit a jangle
Man, you jangle at soccer.
by McGleech February 03, 2005
Another term for your phallus.
Uhh somebody got their jangle stuck in the dishwasher again.
by TVX January 24, 2005
To dance in an alluring manor
"Hey baby, let's jangle."
by Julia July 30, 2004
Meaning loose change.
hey my boy, let me hold some jangles.
by silverfucked July 07, 2003
To get crazy drunk or crunk at Christmas or anytime during the winter holiday season. This typically includes an encouraging, supporting group of friends to share in the jangledness. Festively drunk.
I sure got jangled at last night's Christmas party.

Keep a grip on yourself at the office holiday party, you don't want to get jangled in front of your boss!

Let's mix up that whiskey with these Christmas cookies, I'm ready to get jangled!
by embot January 07, 2010

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