another word for ecstacy
"got any jangers?"

"im janging off my tits"
by poo.bum June 14, 2009
Top Definition
Noun: Ass eater
Verb: To eat ass
Noun: you're a janger still

Verb: Yo i been janging that girl ever since i shoveled her driveway
by Afifah Mir February 23, 2015
crude vernacular slang originating from northern ireland.a word used to describe the anus, ass or rectum.

she likes it in her janger
im gonna kick that cunt up his janger
put it up my janger baby
fuckin hell i left her janger bleeding
by DermofthedeaD March 20, 2009
substitute for "thingie". This word has origins in the pacific northwest. rhymes with "hanger"
"hey, don't stick that janger up there!"
by homina mcGee September 09, 2006
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