a fat lady who lives in chicago
doesnt like mountain dew whores
but yet is a whore herself
janelle called mike a mountain dew whore.. wtf?
by mikkyd656 December 31, 2006
Top Definition
A very talkative and social person with an amazing personality.she is very pretty and likes to hangout with the boys although isn't one of them. she is a great friend and very easy to talk to. someone who is often misunderstood.
I hungout with Janelle today.
by janellesomoano11 August 14, 2008
Shes my everything.
Perfect, no one can ever come close to her.
Smart, she reads the dictionary to me:
Beautiful, when you walk by her, u can just melt away.
Everything you can ever ask for.
Janelle is what i wish for on 11:11.
by saquach November 22, 2007
The most Beautiful Australian name that ever existed, usually given to beautiful Australian females. common nicknames include Nelly Nel Jan. Not to be confused with rapper Nelly.
My girlfriend is Janelle and she is so cute!
by The man 123 May 18, 2006
A tall girl that has long hair and is very sweet. She can be very crazy at times, but is mostly happy. Another thing is that she can become easily angry or depressed, so be gentle. She also is very nice and an absolute great friend. She should be kept for as long as possible.
Also, a Janelle can become negative if neglected as a friend. She will most likely not want to talk to you for a while, but she will eventually come around.
Common nick-names are Nelly, Jan, and Nel. This name is MOST COMMONLY a girl name.
Another thing is that most Janelle's have glasses or contacts. They most likely have terrible eyesite, but can joke about it easily.
"See that girl over there? She most definetly is a Janelle."
"Really? She must be nice then."
by AlexandriaLovesYou December 23, 2011
Janelle is so damn gorgeous but totally modest.
She's super fun to be around.
Janelle is always up to date on the latest fashion and gossip
Athough she is at times a negative nelly(haha see what i did theyre?) and kinda lazy but she loves life and is a great friend
i wish my best friend was a janelle :(
by where are the beverages? June 29, 2010
a sexy motherfucker that can kill mexican babies with her sexiness and make mexicans sing.
by anonymous, yo . July 10, 2008
Janelles are often pretty but very confident
They like to take charge and be the leader. Often people
With this name have a tend to perfect little
Things on people or point out weird stuff that nobody
Looks at.this name often means and originates from Australia
Meaning big surfer.janelles are tuff and can take A lot they can get
Very emotional they can be hypacrits a lot but that's not
All janelles some nicknames are jan,Jenny,Ella,Ellie,Nell,Nellie,nella,jella
Love this name janelle is such a pretty girls name!!
by Kutiegirls March 12, 2013
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