An insult.

A 'jam rag' defined would be a piece of cloth used to absorb blood from the menstrul cycle.

Ergo, the person the insult is fired at is the rag.
You fucking jam rag!
by Maryy November 27, 2007
Top Definition
Sanitary towel, used by menstruating females. Jam = blood, + rag.

Cognate with 'on the rag': menstruating.
She needed to change her jamrag.
by starflier December 08, 2003
n. a used tampon or sanitary towel
she left her jam rag on the floor, that's bogging
by lingurgitator December 17, 2004
Sanitary Napkins, used by women during menstruation. These of are often disposed of into a container next to the water closet, they are often fall into the hands of a pedal bin vampire.
Sandra applied the jam rag to her vulva, since her menstrual flow was heavy, and chewy bits were abundant.
by Clinton Sounds February 04, 2004
sanitary towels
hey, you pervert, stop sniffing my jam rags
by Booya February 13, 2003
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