a state of intoxication due to drink or drugz
i was jammered lasnite!
by anony mouse July 10, 2004
jammered(verb, past tense)- to be so intoxicated that you pull out your tie through your zipper and piss in your pants.
Tryce got so jammered at Breaton's that he hooked up with a mailbox.
by Aloyisius Cornbleuth July 09, 2004
An extremely intoxicated state.

The state of intoxication just before passing out, where time and events are difficult to differentiate.

This term cannot be used to often and should not be confused with Hammered
I was fucking jammered last night

I was so jammered I slept with a fat chick ugly chick, yes not just fat but ugly too.
by Laforce September 16, 2006
1) Being in a state of higher consciousness due to excessive consumption of Jamba Juice or any other smoothie beverage with added nutrients
--Did you see Eric last night? He had a twenty dollar Jamba Juice gift certificate and got himself totally jammered off of wheat grass and Strawberries Wild drinks.
by JuicyJew April 14, 2006

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