A term describing the male external reproductive anatomy, including the penis and testicles.
Everyone was having a wondrous time until Sally struck Ricky in the jambles, causing Ricky to take a nasty fall.
by terragamo October 15, 2008
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A musical jam session, which includes spontaneous lyrical rambling.
As the band played on, the singer spontaneously sung out a continuous stream of poetic lyrics, thus transforming a simple jam session into a full blown jamble revival.
by jonnut May 23, 2009
The male external reproductive organs, specifically the part that hangs free from the body and is especially susceptible to injury.
We all had a great time playing hockey until Roger committed a hacking foul, destroying Ricky's jambles.
by Johnny Sockmouth December 08, 2008
To explore aimlessly, without the aid of a guide or map.
I jambled through the city streets, until I stumbled upon...
I jambled through the collection of records in the store...
Cardiff is a compact city, which makes it great to jamble through
by Ianto E May 27, 2007
To cram and scramble items from your personal reality (i.e. dishes into your dishwasher, stuffing socks and other things under your bed so your mom can't see, or hoarding for some folks)
I just jambled my dishwasher.

My dishwasher is jambled as hell.

My sister's room is more jambled than a stuffed Christmas turkey. (she would be known as a jambler).
by aethom10 December 23, 2010
A collective, idiomtaic term describing all of the male external sexual organs, e.g. the penis, with its accompanying scrotum
The bottle-rocket war ended abruptly after Ricky was shot in the jambles.
by Jambliss January 26, 2008
to jabber in a smarmy way
by mikelucky October 28, 2003

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