Top Definition
1. When you have sex with a guy with a huge penis

2. Another name for jungle fever

3. A name used for a man with a huge penis
1. "How was he?" "OMG girlfriend he was so Jamaled." or
"He was short so I never expected him to be so Jamaled."

2. "Heather has been so Jamaled lately."

3. "I heard Mark was Jamaled."
by Jedi Princesa October 23, 2006
to make fun of, to disrespect someone.
you trying to jamal me?,oh thats a jamal, you got jamaled.
by we3r3r43t4 August 19, 2010
abused horendously with no relent by a coloured person, also use to describe a vicious black person
u got jamaled in the ass by that jamal over there
by shaq's cock April 27, 2004
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