the most horrible person ever
jake is horrible
by ggghghg November 10, 2008
A man that is awkard as hell and never shows his cock to anyone
jake why are you poking me in the side?

jake why are you spreading your asshole?
by johnnyboy16 August 01, 2009
when a man has a really small dick
that kids got a jake
by j schlep February 20, 2009
Everything that is bad is 'A jake'
'Dude, you really jaked this up'
'that situation is jaketastic'
'dont be a jake'
'if you dont stop being such a jake'off I will punish fuck your dumper'
by Fagel May 04, 2008
To be extreamly ugly, to have ugly.
Your shirt is very jake today.
by Dan Wyant February 26, 2007
1:an extremely creepy pirvert
2:an homoerotic male stripper
3:used to define a really gay trombone
oh shit!! theres a jake coming for me
by mistamista July 14, 2009
Jake is a retarded small cocked boy, He likes it in the butt and slams his peter in doorways. He runs and humps the walls. He enjoys it in the butt.
Jake sucky sucky deepthroats!
by justin141 September 14, 2008

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