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When someone who plays RuneScape can't believe the extent to which Jagex goes to make the game as difficult as possible.
Person 1: Wow Jagex put Bonus XP weekend on the same weekend as Daylight Savings Time. They want the Bonus XP to be on the shortest weekend of the year so players don't get as much experience

Person 2: Jagex...(sigh)

Person 1: Wow I got banned from RuneScape on vacation for BOTTING. I haven't even logged on for two weeks until now!

Person 2: Jagex...(sigh)

Person 1: Wow Jagex just banned 6,000 players suspected of botting before Bonus XP weekend. Also, it was reported that most of those players had just bought new membership. Jagex wants the new money before banning them.

Person 2: Jagex...(sigh)
by LiveByDaDeep December 03, 2010

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