Generic meaning for being a domeass
You're being a jagbag today or,
Stop being a jagbag dude.
by DANNO! December 08, 2003
Misbehaving during work hours. Mischevious acts that bring attention to oneself.
Falky has asked the tech team to stop jagbagging on numerous occassions.
by Jema April 01, 2004
a plastic container similar to a plastic bag which is used to contain jags such as a less extreme fag.
The white man could not be contained by any jag bag
by bob dole January 20, 2004
Radio-safe substitution for jackass coined by radio personality Mike North from Chicago. Combines the feel of douchebag, jerkoff, and jackass for maximum effect.
I can't believe that freaking jagbag in a taxi cut me off!
by silverwolfcc May 18, 2016
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