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people who were born in Britain but talk like they want to be Jamaican or whatever - jafaikan is the language of jafaikans.

person A: "Blad listen up bwoi, this is da bizzle tho innit, I aint seen you for over 5 years brov"

person B: "Still talking Jafaikan eh, I stopped being one of the jafaikans a long time ago, and now I work for a big recording company as a producer - all that jafaikan is soooo like 2007 yeah - looks like youve still got wogmania"!.
#jafaikan #jafaikans #jafakean #wogtastic #wogmania
by oldbogface May 07, 2008
Jafaikans = White boy/girl pretending to be Jamaicans copying hair stiles etc...
All these damn Jafaikans giving Jamaicans a bad rep round here...
#jafaikans #chav #townie #emo #scene kid #gangster
by Pat Hutchins April 23, 2008
Jafaikan is the language of British people who talk in a fake jamaican accent and use words like 'bizzle' 'blad''shizzle' 'innit' etc etc etc

They arent always white either, theres a lot of asian and black Jafaikan speakers out there.
"chill out blad, look at them beanies cutchin over there innit tho"

"You what mate? oh right youre a fuckin Jafaikan yeah"?
#jafaikan #grime #rap #black #fake #jafaikans
by oldbogface May 07, 2008
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