Character in the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. Jacob Black is a werewolf. Bella wants to have his babies. 'nuff said.

This ship may be doomed, but we J/B shippers keep on shipping. Go figure.

Jacob Black: Does my being half naked bother you?
Fandom: Yes, take the other half off.
by ecoli!inthespinach October 02, 2007
A pansy werewolf in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. Thinks he's so hot and wants to have little puppies with the whiny-ass Bella Swan. He also has an anger-management problem.

Most tweens think he is so hot and great and super because of the actor who plays him in the film adaptation of the books, Taylor Lautner. Who, I too shall add, is a snout-faced pansy.

It's a fictitious book. STOP WORSHIPPING IT.
Twitard: OMG! im totlly in luv w/ Jacob Black frm the twilight series. hes super hottt!!!!!!11!!!.
Guy: Shut. The. Fuck. Up.
by ILikeToScreamAtStrangers May 16, 2010
Sexy,Buff, Nice hair, smart, nice , sexy smile, not pale, Hot Body, shirt less,.. OOOO AHH hOTT!

What I am was born in me. It’s a part of who I am, who my family is, who we all are as a tribe — it’s the reason why we’re still here. Jacob Black

by egiugrwiugowroiugwr December 13, 2010
Werewolf in Stephenie Meyer's book Twilight. He is in love with Bella Swan. Bella is in love with Edward Cullen (a vampire) and Jacob at the same time.

He's outgoing, fun, hot... Bella thinks of him as her own personal sun.

However cool Jake may be, he and bella are not meant to be together!!! In the 4th book of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn, Jacob inprints (basically, falls in love with out of destiny, not choice) with Bella and Edward's daughter Renesmee. So obviously Bella and Edward were always meant to be, because if they hadn't gotten together, then Jacob would not have found his true soul mate!
Bella Swan: I always thought of you that way, as my own personal sun. You balanced out the clouds nicely.

Jacob Black: Yeah, but I'm no match for an eclipse.

(In this case, Edward Cullen is the eclipse he speaks of :D)
by SaraaaaIsYoBabysDaddeh September 16, 2008
The annoying and pointless character (after New Moon ended) that couldn't grasp the fact that Bella Swan, is not, in fact, in love with him- but Edward Cullen.

He ends up totally butchering the series in finality, when he 'imprints' on a newborn baby, thus earning his title as pedophile.
Hey that guys creepy- he's stalking that kid.

Me: Yeah, that would be a Jacob Black.
by ddajk May 15, 2009
The asshole that tried to seperate Bella Swan and Edward Cullen from the twilight series. He's an immature jackass that manipulated Bella into kissing him. Also he tried to break off Bella and Edward's wedding with no success. The fandom wants him dead but unfortunately Stephenie Meyer likes him so she didn't kill him in her last book. Jacob Black has his own team called ''team jacob'' . Retard people are members of it.
Me: You're so stupid
fan: yes I'm team Jacob Black
by luvedward February 08, 2009
-The annoying werewolf from the Twilight series that refuses to understand that Vampires are better.
- Incessantly in love with Bella Swan, (Who is in fact in love with Edward Cullen
"Do you y'know, kiss him?" " Yes" "ewww" -Jacob Black
Conversation between Jacob and Bella before she "stabs" him:) GO BELLA!
by Frinklez September 11, 2007
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