A sweet sick smelling hair shampoo that causes hair to shape the persons right hair style.
" I don't think that hair style is right for you, maybe you should get some jacklynn to fix that."
by Jack-Attack May 23, 2007
Top Definition
Jacklynn also known as jak or j is the best person you'll ever meet she's Cray Cray and funny as hell she is beautiful and sexy and has the guys drooling at her feet dont fuck with her or shell kick your ass she's smart and playful and has incredible passion for the things she loves if your her friend she's got your back if you mess with anyone she cares about you better watch your back she's outspoken about her opinion and blunt as hell she would say something like "dont forget to masturbate" to a total stranger and then laugh her ass off she would rather go without makeup (not like she needs it) but if she does do makeup than she makes it look like a 2 year old did it (on purpose of course) she is very silly when she wants to be and loves to be bright
Someone: Jacklynn what are you doing?

jacklynn: putting on my makeup.
someone: you look like a a box of crayons threw up on your face.
Jacklynn: Omg thank you!!

Random stranger: hi
Jacklynn: hi!!!
Random stranger:*walks*

Jacklynn: oh and dont forget to masturbate!!
by Pikachuhat June 18, 2014
a jacklynn, also known as jackie is badass bitch tht has the swagger of a monkey the body of a richard simmons and says phrases like "i swallowed all tht shit" shes out going and might puke on ur cats balls
ohh shit bro jacklynn just swallowed my cats balls
by lupebro June 27, 2011
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