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proportional to the term "shut the fuck up bitch"
landon i think you should jackles immediately baby.
by jackles the nik September 12, 2006
A legendary Irishman who stood outside social influence and spat on all who would try to change his ways.

(died by act of mob)

That guy dont take no shit from nobody! a true jackle!
by john February 27, 2005
1. slang term for a candidate, as in election 2. competitor, as in sporting events
1. to vy, or jockey, for position, as in leadership 2. to compete

1. to have a brusque, blunt, careless nature
n. That jackle just might have a chance at winning
v. The three men jackled for the head job.
adj. The jackle man brushed past his inferiors as he made his way to work.
by Chabin Pacli November 14, 2010
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