1) A person who can neither be adequately described as a jackass or an asshole, but as a combination of the two.

2) Any orafice in which ejaculation is "jacked" off.
1) That guy who just cut me off at the yellow light is a real jackhole.

2) When Carla finished my BJ I let it fly in her jackhole.

#jackass #asshole #oriface #jiz-trap #butthole #mouth
by Jack-hole-lantern October 06, 2006
one who is a combination jackass and asshole
When someone does something mean and stupid at the same time. For example, hitting someone who is already angry with you. That would make you a jackhole.
#jackass #asshole #friendly #dumbass #not jackhol
by sunkistlover July 24, 2009
Describes an individual (usually a guy) who is both a jackass and an asshole
Suzy: Did you hear what Mike did to Nancy?

Beth: Yeah ... he's such a jackhole!
#jackass #asshole #jerk #moron #jag-off
by Toby Smalls, Jr. October 26, 2007
a jack ass and an asshole put togethere
Your such a jackhole when your drunk
by cindy March 10, 2005
A person whose behavior resembles both a jackass and an a****** at the same time. Often used as a term of endearment or to address someone you are typically fond of.
"Stop being a jackhole or you're going to embarrass yourself."
by Lindzoid December 17, 2015
A person sho exhibits all the tendecies of an asshole and a jackass. The unique combination of being obnoxious, (asshole), and completely obtuse or insensitive (jackass) requires it's own insult.
Can you believe that Jackhole cut me off and then gave me the finger for it?
#obnoxious #insult #jackass #asshole #insensitive
by pb_foots June 23, 2009
A person who is a jerk yet is slightly more jerkish than the average jerk and who deserves to be called more than a jerk but less than a a-hole
God Dianna your boyfriend is being such a jackhole
#jerk #jack #a-hole #meany #witch
by danstan May 08, 2009
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