This is a cross between a "jackass" and an "asshole".
My dad won't buy me anything. He's a jackhole.
by PrincessOfEdenia June 28, 2011
1: (noun) The act of flipping out in such utter proportions that the insults jackass and asshole are spliced and combined into jackhole.

2: (noun) Usually and asshole used to jackoff into.
Man: ah what a beautiful day for a drive *gets cut off and spills his coffee*

by an unfortunate sheep. April 28, 2011
a word that takes jackass and asshole to make it. Commonly used by kids who dont want to say "ass" when someone is being an asshole or a jackass
Mary: Im so sorry
Javon: Sometimes your such a jackhole.
by BleedingMotivation May 17, 2010
Def. 1: A simple yet clever combination of the words jackass and asshole without the ass. Mainly used by middle schoolers that fall into the hispanic race.
Fuck, that jackhole can't even figure out what 2+2 is!
by MJRV21 April 12, 2009
a. You. You are a jackhole. Yes you. To be sure, stand in front of a mirror stroking your dick while fingering your asshole and keep repeating...I am a jackhole, i am a jackhole. if nothing happens after 5 minutes, you might not be a jackhole, but if white juice sqirts out your penis cap, then yes, you are a jackhole.
b. a person who reads tardo crap like this. aka me. i'm a jackhole and nobody's a bigger jackhole than me.
That fuckin' tardo's penis cap's leaking juice all over my mom's new rug, he's a real fuckin jackhole.
by jamesofcleveland February 16, 2007
A combination of jackass and asshole, with an implied "ass".

Also a less vulgar insult used in mixed company.
Hey, stop acting like a jackhole!
by Nate Dogg December 30, 2004
The orifice at the tip of the penis.
Suck it out of my jackhole, ya cunt.

That guy is blabbing on and on about bullshit. He is such a jackhole.
by Jonny B January 27, 2004
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