This word either means you were drunk, stoned, or both when saying it. The exact meaning of this, you were pissed off because you were either cheated on, played, lead on, broken up with, or he found another girl, hence the word jackasshole.
He totally just used her.
He's a jackasshole-
#asshole #fucker #douchebag #dumbass #fag
by myself c: December 04, 2010
Top Definition
where an asshole is merely the least attractive part of any normal person, the jackasshole represents the least attractive part of a very unattractive person, the asshole of a jackass.
dude, what an asshole.
check that, what a jackasshole.
by June 15, 2004
A stupid, mean person.
Osama Bin Laden is such a jackasshole!
by Big Bad John May 26, 2004
A combination of jackass and asshole, if short of time and in need of good pun use jackasshole as a time saver.
"Only 2 minutes until the bell!?" the school administrators are jackassholes!
by The Boy November 18, 2003
The combined form of jackass and asshole is a double insult, meant for the truly worthless.
He's not just a jackass and he's not just an asshole. He's much more than those combined--he's a jackasshole.
#bozo #waste of space #doorknob #hockey puck #and clueless
by Ginger Carlton September 08, 2009
A person combining the traits of an asshole -- mean and worthy of nothing but contempt -- and a jackass, who usually is someone that is simply stupid and does foolish things.
When he passed me like a blue streak in traffic, that jackasshole almost took the side off of a parked police car.
#asshole #jackass #moron #idiot #buttwipe
Pretty much what it sounds like. Best used when the redundancy is appropriate! When jackass or asshole just isn't enough!!!
Putin is rearranging Eastern Europe and Obama is working on his NCAA brackets? What an unbelievably complete jackasshole!!!
#s.o.b. #douche #asswipe #low-life #despicable loser
by Fishpaw March 19, 2014
A person of either gender who is behaving in a manner so ignorant that they are offending others around them.
Man, that chick is a jackasshole.
#dumbasshole #jackass jerk #dumb jerk #idiot jerk #mean dummy cool smart guy #intelligent nice person #not dumb or mean
by supersuper January 18, 2015
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