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n. a miscreant at the top of his game; a title awarded to those who toil unremittingly for personal gain at the expense of others
ex. 1) i played that gig three months ago and the jackass-fuckface still hasn't payed me.

ex. 2) i was playing team slayer in boarding action and some jackass-fuckface on my team kept hogging the sniper rifle.
by -=Pez=- September 14, 2003
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A JackAss-Fuckface is guy who has been known to be a Jackass his entire life. He instigates trouble and tries to blame it on others, he wears the crown when it comes to JackAssery, The JackAss-Fuckface is a total dick and everyone knows it and when they see his face they see JackAss-Fuckface.
Oh man here comes Bob, that guy is so overbearing and rude he is a JackAss-Fuckface
#jackassery #dick #bully #jerk #fuckface
by tiredau April 20, 2008
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