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A person who is exceptionally bad at everything.
Stefan is a dork. Give him anything to do and he'll screw it up. Jackass of all trades.
by Devin84 September 30, 2007
A person who very hard to work with and a fuck-up at almost anything, but thinks he is good. Tends to be vocal but never about his own ability to seemingly always fuck things up.
My no count ass brother in-law is the biggest loser. He's just a jackass of all trades!
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt October 18, 2007
a person who thinks he knows it all and is not swayed by the facts.
Regardless of the truth, Larry is a jack ass of all trades.
by Larry Johnson October 18, 2007
someone who is good at what he attempts but is conceited and arrogant about his own skills
Yea, Nathan is a jackass of all trades. He passed both his tests, and rubbed it in my face.
by Faggle October 11, 2007
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