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1) A stroke book.

2) A pornographic movie

3) Any visual or toy used to jack-off with.
1) i need to get some new jackage, all the pages in my jerk-off mags are glued together with my man glue.

2) check out my new stroke movie, "My wife does the Boss."

3) Damn, my pocket pussy is no longer tight, i guess it's time to check out some new jackage.
by jacks offten November 27, 2007
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Material - pictures or videos used for jacking off.
Man, Mister Fister has some high-quality jackage for the discriminating gentleman.
by Mister_Fister May 22, 2006
a package that only consists of a jacket
I just received a jackage from UPS and my jacket doesn't fit like it was described online.
by websturd December 02, 2010

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