(noun): a young man, known for his quirkiness, reluctant to admit he's a good guy. one good at pleasuring da ladies. see: one hot mo-fo
have you ever had a jace? no? then you haven't lived, my friend!
by take a wild guess! January 26, 2004
1. An extraordinary person who doesn't realize how wonderful he truley is.
2. A beautiful human being.
I'm so lucky I have a Jace.
by Krisduh~!!1 March 02, 2005
jace is an awsome brother and is willing to serve our country for us.. god bless jace
i love jace, he is such a great man and brother
by sissy45 August 21, 2009
An absolute beauty and a stud. Pleasures all the ladies with his magical fingers and his giant schlong. He has a strong sexual drive and isn't afraid to use his body to get what he wants. He is a sexual panther who's main source of food is the inner meat of a female. He is sexually aggressive and under no circumstance should you pursue a Jace unless you like it rough an from behind.
by TannerBrockman October 28, 2013
A guy who is nice to everyone....jace will make someone smile and laugh he's the guy who will become a friend

I'm so glad I have a Jace
Jace makeup,jace gloss
by May girl October 03, 2013
Original version of Jason. Originally it was Jace and the Argonauts. Jace means healer.
Jace is a great healer.
by HTarrell November 29, 2013
1.Something like a baller
2.Nickname for a pimp
Yo that fools J-Ace
by "Ace" October 20, 2005

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