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(noun): a young man, known for his quirkiness, reluctant to admit he's a good guy. one good at pleasuring da ladies. see: one hot mo-fo
have you ever had a jace? no? then you haven't lived, my friend!
by take a wild guess! January 26, 2004
1. An extraordinary person who doesn't realize how wonderful he truley is.
2. A beautiful human being.
I'm so lucky I have a Jace.
by Krisduh~!!1 March 02, 2005
jace is an awsome brother and is willing to serve our country for us.. god bless jace
i love jace, he is such a great man and brother
by sissy45 August 21, 2009
A guy who is nice to everyone....jace will make someone smile and laugh he's the guy who will become a friend

I'm so glad I have a Jace
Jace makeup,jace gloss
by May girl October 03, 2013
An absolute beauty and a stud. Pleasures all the ladies with his magical fingers and his giant schlong. He has a strong sexual drive and isn't afraid to use his body to get what he wants. He is a sexual panther who's main source of food is the inner meat of a female. He is sexually aggressive and under no circumstance should you pursue a Jace unless you like it rough an from behind.
by TannerBrockman October 28, 2013
Original version of Jason. Originally it was Jace and the Argonauts. Jace means healer.
Jace is a great healer.
by HTarrell November 29, 2013
A guy who lives for drama. He tells it straight, whether it's rude or not. He will most likely surround himself with girls to get involved in the most drama possible, but this may deceive people into thinking he is totally gay. But he would also probably end up marrying someone just as funny and rude, someone like Chelsea Handler.
That guy is a total Jace, he is so rude!!
by jagermeister33 February 28, 2012

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