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jabbas 2 car garage that was turned into the ultimate fucken rootin facility and at the grand openin there was a massive fucken orgy n it was filmed. all the floors al walls r like cushions n shit so fucken anywhere ur bangin u will be comfortable. n fucken onli sik cunts and hot bitches r allowed in n shit n if u try get in without jabbas conscent hes a big blak fucken cunt so look out he may get a kunt to root u in the asshole and or penetrate you in other holes. all in all jabbas fucken pad is soo good u can fuken hav the best root n shit n even if ur tryin to root a chik thats fucken frigate n shit if u take her 2 the pad u will hav a fucken instant easy root.
Ben: fuck man i was tryin 2 root this chik for like 2 years n she wouldnt do it until....
tommo: u took her to jabbas pad?
Ben: fuk oath guyz n then she was easy as shit
by benjohnson April 28, 2005
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