The girl joel made out with in public. Also known to have a large vein on her breast that resembles a Crape Myrtle trunk.
The wing-man excuse has also been used for hooking up with her. She also is known to have a live cat living in her belly button, that repeatedly steals shoes and hides them in its lair.The party in question must weigh at least 350 lbs on the hoof.
Sam saw a girl in the bar who was a jabba.
by Cat Searcher April 28, 2008
A fat ass hutt who has no specific gender like all hutts
green blob
by why the fuck should I tell you October 28, 2003
Someone that eats KFC
Jabba, quit eating KFC and go get the beer!
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
A fat joint of green or ponty solids
pass me that jabba you beauty!
by big bones January 28, 2004
JABBA is the man off v you people have no clue... he's cool as and one day he will live in my basement at my disposal
"it's jabba here folks, welcome to Jabba's Naughty Nighty, on tonights show....."
by aimee January 08, 2004
A slang form of the word "jabber."
Mr. T does not have time for jibba-jabba.
by Andie-pants September 27, 2003
Someone who drives around any city in a car that has a modified body (usually erroneous spoilers and body kits that add no performance to the vehicle) and cranking fat bass through the subwoofer.
Almost alwayz have vanity plates such as '2FAST', 'MRCOOL' and 'YOSEXY'.
Hated by all.
"Me and mah-crew went in to the city to ice sum Jabba's."
by Diego September 09, 2003

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