A retarded way of saying "you".

Used by:
a) People who have no command over the English language.
b) People who want to appear cool by using the 1337 way of speaking, which last achieved credibility before the new millenium.
j00 are a retard!!!!!1111 LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!1
by topcat October 26, 2004
A way to spell you. Usually used in leet or 1337. Sometimes used by n00bs.
j00 r t3h 1337357 3v34h!!!1!1

You are the leetest evah!!!!!!
by StarStrider May 15, 2005
"j00" is how they say "you" in the 1961 movie West Side Story.
"Is der a bullit left in here for me?
Is der a bullit left in here for j00?"
by Video Warrior Laserion December 08, 2002
l337 speak for "you". Origin includes identification with Puerto-rican pronunciation of the word, for whatever reason. May be due to West Side Story's influence.
Yeah, whatever - its too cool for j00 anyway.
by Jay-dub October 26, 2003
Basically means 'you', but written oddly. Usually used on MSN/AIM/YIM.
'I pwn j00!'
'No j00 don't.'
by Tailsy the Hermit April 26, 2005
leet speak (1337) for 'you'

probably comes from the pittsburgh way of saying 'jeet jet'
100|< @ j00!!!!!!!!!11111111111111

gawd i hate leet
by T. Lex June 01, 2005
A nice way for the anti-semites to get away with saying shit, while prenteding they were dissing you as a person
Adolfgurl: j00 suck nose-cock

Jewishguy76: Stop the racism, nazi girl, before I gun-rape you.

Adolfgurl: j00 = you.
by Gumba Gumba April 11, 2004
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