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Just Woke Up

word used by people who.. just woke up lol
"Jwu. So tired from last night's party."
by AshleyAlexis September 10, 2011
n. A snitch.
v. To snitch on someone.
He had to j-wu on daniel in order to kiss up to the teacher.
by The-Legend May 16, 2008
Johnson & Wales University Charlotte... A Culinary driven school in The \^^^/ Queen City...where there are Too many QUEENS and Not ENOUGH KINGS!!!!You have gone to see a Drag Queen... often times one that you know and live in Cedar Hall North with!There are more straight people then gays at the gay club to "support" their friends... The Drag Queen Calls you out for being from Johnson & "Queens" University cuz it's chicks n dicks... and your straight at a gay club!!! You have heard your friends coming out story to the extreme more than 2x
Here at JWU we have coming out of the closet week... WEEKLY!!! If you go to JWU Charlotte... JWU is the school for gays!
by 309css October 10, 2008
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