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Freshest dude on campus...!
J-heezy always rockin sum new kickz... n he keeps dem clean
by watupwaup9999999 May 03, 2010
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glenville state college gsc
nick name for joe harrick... one of glenville state colleges finest...
yooo j-heezy wats popp'N?
by droooooodle April 30, 2010
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If something or someone is Not cool, ugly, dumb, slow, retarded, not hip, old-fashioned.(Depends on if you put neg. emphasis on the word)
Billy had on the 1932 air force ones in the year 2008. Susy came up and said, "Billy your shoes are so jheezy, don't ever wear them out in public again."
by Jamazing July 27, 2008
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