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short for jackhammer, j-ham is a term used for a person of incredible and immeasurable coolness
Guy 1: " Who is that guy over there?"
Guy 2: " Thats Joe, he's a j-ham"
Guy 1: " Excellent"
by Yupman December 02, 2009
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To jack off or to beat during a class or session
Kid 1: Did you hear about that kid in third period?
Kid 2: No, why what happened?
Kid 1: I heard he pulled a J. Ham and got caught
Kid 2: Ewww! Gross
by Tommie The Tomahawk March 17, 2011
a piece of skin that hangs outside a girls vag and when you eat her out it gets stuck in your mouth
dude I ate this girl out and she had a jham!
by iwentham October 05, 2011

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