People who try to act and think they are Japanese. Mostly little white girls from America. Hannah Minx is a great example.
Why is she dressed like a little anime schoolgirl princess? What a j-bag.
by trogkiller August 24, 2011
Top Definition
1. A rude person who makes stupid, often irrelevant smart-ass remarks that impress no one.

2. A socially inept person who relies on shitty online computer games to feel like he has friends and a life.

3. People who generally cannot take jokes or pranks very well and are easily offended to the point of being immature and pathetic.

4. Someone who is overly attached to his laptop.

5. A male who constantly crosses his legs in a very feminine fashion.

6. Someone who can only talk about himself.

7. A goody-goody who tattles on his friends much like a stuck-up pre-school girl.

8. Someone who flirts with his sister…

9. Someone who thinks that achieving level 99 on Runescape is like having an orgasm.

10. A person who has a scary, nerdy voice that sounds like he had his voice-box removed from smoking too much.

11. Someone who answers questions obviously not directed towards him.

12. One who must use tweezers to masturbate.
That J-bag tried to insult me and only made himself sound stupid.
by FuckRunescapeForever99 March 30, 2011
Similar to a Tea bag, but when the balls enter the mouth, one must thrust back and forth to allow the balls to swing in the mouth. The complete action follows the form of a J hence the name J-Bag.

May also be used as an insult.
Tony got J-Bagged at the party after he passed out.

Josh is such a D-Bag!...No, he's a J-Bag.

by Lutacris July 10, 2008
A jehovah's witness, especially any of the door to door solicitors
Those fucking j bags came right while I was in the middle of taking a shit!
by MrMojoRisin' October 23, 2007
a slang way of calling someone a jew-bag
"He wouldnt give me my dollar back, he was being a total jbag!"
by That new Girll March 24, 2007
The combination of the popular and widely used "Douchebag" with the greedy and selfish stereotypes of a Jew.
Donald stole my burrito from taco bell that i really would have enjoyed. He already had two tacos anyway. That J-bag didn't even leave any hot sauce! I would have given him a bite if he asked.
by iLOVEmunchies September 19, 2007
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