Initialism for "jack shit," essentially "nothing important"
What did you do today? "JS, I just sat at home all day"
by Jon Hammer February 04, 2009
An insult. When someone makes a spelling error, they can be poked fun at by being called a "JS".
Person 1: Hey their, hwos it goign?
Person 2: HAHAHA, YOU JS
by Andrew Waite July 27, 2004
derived from "jubblies" also known as boobies or titties
Tim was forced by Regan beyond his will to caress her j's

by timmy December 10, 2002
Short for jumpshots.
He's making those j's look easy from that range.
by D-Miles October 15, 2006
Means to be on your own "on your j'z", i think it originated in east london, but i'm pretty sure dizzee rascal coined it in Fix Up Look Sharp...
- variations include j'z, js, j's but its pronounced jays
"don't blaze when i catch you by your j's"
by rockafella_skaz June 25, 2005
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