Short for Joseph Smith, the founder of the mormon religion. when you call someone Joeseph Smith or JS, you are insulting them for being stupid, dumb, retarded, idiot, etc.

As seen on South Park.
fag: "yo man i just got a GTP and its so fast!"

Dude: "don't be JS."

fag: "2+2=3"

dude: "your name is Joseph Smith"
by Blumpy Rumpkin January 14, 2009
JS the Jaws of Life. The most phenomenal Maritime Hiphop artist of all time. Known for his "special ed" type humor on Halifamous.
JS > You
The new JS track is awesome!

by Jeff Schade February 20, 2006
Jokes jokes even more folkes
I was caching bare jokes

Stop! too much j's...
by ~Dark.1~ March 05, 2005
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