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someone who didn't do it, but is being pronounced guilty anyway. He is the opposite of OJ, who did it, but got off scott free.
That No-J was convicted of killing his family. But I think someone just snuck in and killed them while he slept. If you just killed your family, could you just go back to sleep?
Jane needs to let her No-J boyfriend off the hook. Just because he has a hot co-worker doesn't mean they're doing it.
by Michael Grant July 23, 2010
When someone uses sarcasm to make something hilarious, then goes on to try and continue being funny but fails and looks like a dumbass.
Guy1: i dont understand how im not clinically insane | Guy2: Maybe because you've never been to a Clinic? | Guy3: roflmao | Guy2: or maybe you went but got kicked out for killing a nurse | Guy3: Fucking Noj'd it man..
by Saint Joe January 28, 2009

1. A person with good intentions, who seems to always get the short end of the stick.

He was out hiking and bit his tongue in half trying to put his backpack on. What a Noj.
He was out hiking and bit his tongue in half trying to put his backpack on. What a Noj.
by yellowduck November 11, 2013
1.If someone shoots a basketball and the shots doesn't go in.

2. Someone that can't shoot.
1. (Person shoots and airballs it) "NO J!)

2. Man, you have NO J!
by BIG TIME May 20, 2004
A SuperHuman, Unshaven Geek who releases Steam from his head as he works away uncontrollably. Often found in the gutter with an empty bottle of Bacardi shoved in his Nought.
NOJ Smashed a few women last night an ended up on the Pump Truck.
by TheLex April 25, 2008
No-J, short for knob jockey. Another word for a homo or someone who rides a knob like a jockey. Or a derogatory term for someone you think is a bit of a prick.
That bloke is such a No-J. I hate the prick.
by drtypykie April 07, 2015
Named after a support band so bad that noj has become a very flexible form of profanity.
That was so noj man = that was so shit/crap/wank man.

You're a nojing dick = you're a fucking dick
by Jimmy D May 17, 2003
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