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A hot Jehovah Witness that you'd like to hump when they come to your door.
"Damn! Check out the J Hoe at the Door!"
by Garage Stevie January 09, 2007
Jennifer Lopez's Nickname, a alias that fits her personality.
J'hoe, what the hell was on yo bird when you wore that fit?
by Ezee December 07, 2003
Nickname for Jennifer Lopez.
by Anonymous June 02, 2003
jlo's real name she changed it when she left the "hood" aka her mansion
yo wassup j-hoe, u lick any ass 2day skank
by Karupt September 26, 2003
Someone who is the fakest person there is in high school. She thinks everyone is obsessed with her boyfriends. She talks shit about people then acts like their best friends the next day. Someone who will never have true friends because she's too busy backstabbing them all. Also someone who sends dirty texts all the time.
She's a bitch I can't believe that happened. Well, duh, she was a Jhoe.
by stacey667 March 02, 2010