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10 definitions by wildmilechamp

abbreviated slang for jehovah witnesses
Greg: Who's at the door?
Kendra: J hoes! three of them!
Greg: Let's sneak out the back and go to KFC
by wildmilechamp August 28, 2006
when urban dictionary decides to repeat a word of the day.
Todd: Wait a second, wasn't trap the word of the day yesterday?
Frank: UGHH! Another urban Dick move
by wildmilechamp August 28, 2006
the sensation one gets when smelling a cinnabon and then becoming so excited about having one you become sexually aroused
We would've left the mall sooner, but Toby had a cinnaboner, so we had to stop.

by wildmilechamp October 20, 2008
police jargon for dead bodies at the scene of a crime
Radio: There's an 11-7 at the corner of 5th street and MLK Boulevard.

Officer: Damn!
by wildmilechamp August 09, 2006
gangster lingo for "everybody"
Hank: What's going on?
Luke: Urbody's leavin, this party blows
by wildmilechamp August 02, 2006
the cheapest toilet paper there is; mostly found in public stalls
Dude the bathrooms suck! All they had was some lousy half-ply that just fell apart!
by wildmilechamp July 24, 2006
when one group of males on a beach or dock throw rocks at another less-liked member of the group, often times in a canoe or some other floatable 60-100 feet offshore. The object of the game is to either hit the target with rocks or get them wet by splashing them if you're a crappy shot. This game is best played while intoxicated.
Jim: Why are you throwing rocks at poor Ted out in the canoe?
Tommy: I'ts dock rock! Grap a rock and join in!
by wildmilechamp September 03, 2006